Mutant MADNESS (225g)


*Concentrated pre-workout fuel

*Maximum strength

*Insane energy*

*Explosive power**Increase mental focus*

*Support nitric oxide production*

*Addictive taste!

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MUTANT MADNESS seizes the pre-workout experience and launches it into the stratosphere! This maximum-strength formula will jolt your senses and help you demolish your next workout. Sick pumps, razor-sharp focus and unstoppable intensity await you.* We warn you — read the entire label first before trying — MUTANT MADNESS must be used responsibly!

*Provides highest workout intensity
*Drives improved razor sharp focus
*Arms you for battle against fatigue
*Provides your daily workouts with highest energy levels

Engineered exclusively for high intensity workouts only, this extra premium formula will jolt your senses.

Be aware of the power of Mutant Madness! This highly powered pre-workout contains 500mg 5-caffeine source blend that yields 335mg of net caffeine, to wake you up at any time, every time ! Alongside with specially designed performance intensity matrix (with 1.5g of L-Citruline and L-Arginine, 2:1 blend, Beta-Alanine and 1g of Taurine and L-Tirosine 2:1 blend), Mutant Madness will create total madness in your workouts!

We warn you — seriously — read the entire label first before trying — use responsibly!


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: As a dietary supplement add 1/2 – 1 serving to 10 – 12 fl oz (300 – 360 mL) of cold water, shake 5 – 10 seconds, and slam it back 20 – 30 minutes prior to workout. First time users: mix 1/4 – 1/2 serving in 8 fl oz of water to assess tolerance. Follow the entire Warnings before use. Do not consume within 4 hours prior to bedtime. Never exceed 2 servings per 24 hours.



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